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Because the article stipulated civil code inheritance laws would be maintained, natural children may have been granted the same rights as legitimate children but they still could only inherit 50 percent of their father’s estate. Illegitimate children would be considered natural and thus would be able to claim 50 percent of the father’s estate, but only if the biological father had formally recognized him or her.

Safe, legal, and free abortion is available on demand for any woman who has reached the age of majority . Contraceptives are widely available, even to young girls, along with effective sex education which is more progressive and honest than that in most other nations. However, the liberation of female sexuality, allowing young girls as well as boys to experiment sexually without social censure, has resulted in a high rate of pregnancy among girls under age sixteen. Adolescent boys have thus enjoyed increased sexual access but are not psychologically or economically prepared to participate in the care and upkeep of their children, resulting in a high number of very young single mothers. The state has exhorted men to take greater responsibility, and child support payments are extracted from some irresponsible men’s salaries, but these efforts have met with only partial success. Hence a typical domestic unit includes a grandmother who is involved in the rearing of the youngest generation, often without the presence of the children’s father. Ironically, the participation of grandmothers in child rearing allows men to ignore their parental responsibility and household chores.

“As of 1992, couples under the ages of 20 were likely to get divorced,” as were couples in urban areas. It is estimated that around “200,000 single parents are present in Cuba.” As a matter of fact, observations in the Cuban community in “1992 shows that 15-20% of households with children are headed by women alone.”

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The military used the documents to build the case against her, according to Cuban court records and to Mr. Hernández. “She said, ‘My lawyer told me that if I cooperated, I would get less prison time and be done with this,’” Mr. Hernández said.

  • The Cuban government has detained U.S. citizens who are suspected of engaging in activities perceived to undermine state security.The Cuban government may detain individuals for activities that would not be considered criminal or offensive in the United States.
  • In the nineteenth century, anxiety about the Afrocuban majority gave rise to efforts to “whiten” the population.
  • Carnival, consisting of song and dace, outlandish costume, and much drinking and eating, has a history which far precedes the Revolution.
  • “Sexual diversity was considered to be anathema to the revolutionary ideology in the 1950s and 1960s,” said Emily Kirk, a specialist in sexual diversity in Cuba, based at Dalhousie University, Canada.
  • The total number of cases since March of 2020 is 784,416 and the total number of deaths since March of 2020 is 6,676.

“Spontaneous gatherings are not seen positively and are always perceived to be the product of a foreign power,” wrote José Gabriel Barrenechea of La Trinchera, a blog for and by “young Marxists,” in a recent post. It remains to be seen whether the government will actually respect Cubans’ new right to form independent organizations – especially if those groups are political in nature. Starting in 2008, Castro opened the economy to some foreign investment and allowed Cuban workers – once confined to government jobs – to start small businesses. The World is a public radio program that crosses borders and time zones to bring home the stories that matter. Mariela Castro, who heads Cuba’s National Center for Sex Education — where Iriepa worked until recently — said she was not invited to the wedding but congratulated the couple. There have been negotiations between both sides on questions of common concerns such as drug trafficking and the environment in both Washington and Havana during the Trump mandate,” he told Al Jazeera.

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Food and Drug Administration are responsible for rules governing the transport of medication back to the United States. Medication purchased abroad must meet their requirements to be legally brought back into the United States. Medication should be for personal use and must be approved for usage in the United States. Customs and Border Protection and the Food and Drug Administration websites for more information.

The Community Alliance is a monthly newspaper that has been published in Fresno, California, since 1996. The purpose of the newspaper is to help build a progressive movement for social and economic justice. Banned discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in the workplace. If both women had been Cuban residents, and unable to travel abroad to use this service, they would not have been able to have their child. Guarantees, like joint property, and inheritances, depend on the formalization of the relationship.

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Additionally, if the court granted the reclassification of Josefa’s son’s birth status from natural to legitimate, it could enable him to claim a full inheritance from his father’s estate instead of the 50 percent usually accorded to natural children. Finally, Josefa’s request for her son’s legitimacy may have been an attempt to attain the social benefits of a better moral standing and public reputation for her son because of the social stigma commonly attributed to Cubans of non-legitimate birth status. The Revolution of 1959 sparked the turning point in Cuban family life by promoting women’s equality. New laws and policies resulted in women being educated, employed, and increased their civil/human rights. Cuban revolutionary thought promoted class equality rather than gender equality, but women still benefited indirectly from social changes. Because Cubans, like many Latin Americans, tend to live together as a nuclear family, grandparents often provide childcare for women in the household who work outside the home, or attend school. “Whereas in 1955, 13 percent of the workforce was women, by 1989, the number had risen to 38.7 percent of the workforce in Cuba.”.

  • The definition of marriage in the proposed constitution and the president’s support represent seismic changes for the Cuban government’s attitude towards homosexuals.
  • When that did not happen, Afro-Cubans founded the Independent Party of Color in 1908, but this was banned in 1910.
  • Indeed, Nelson Mandela has credited Cuban efforts with a major role in bringing an end to Apartheid.
  • During that year the Cuban government arrested dozens of independent journalists and activists in a renewed government crackdown on dissidents, and some 75 activists were convicted for conspiring with the United States to subvert the revolution.
  • Please verify this information with the Embassy of Cuba before you travel.

If you are searching for a wedding idea that is thrilling, easy to execute and with a rich history of traditions and customs, then a wedding, the Cuban style is the way to go. This European Country Just Celebrated Its First-Ever Same-Sex WeddingLGBTQ+ couples will still be barred from adopting or fostering children, however. After a public comment period, legislators will revise the draft according to popular feedback. According to the Ministry of Justice, the amended document will then be submitted for approval to Cuba’s national legislature, known as the National Assembly of People’s Power, in December. The document currently defines marriage as a “union between a man and a woman,” as the Cuban news outlet Tremenda Nota reports. While Cuba has made significant advances in LGBTQ+ rights, marriage equality has remained at an impasse.

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This creolization of Cuban life has been happening for a long time, and by the 20th century, elements of African belief, music and dance were well integrated into popular and folk forms. But beyond the revolutionary government, there’s a strong strain of social conservatism in Cuba, where evangelical churches have been growing. Rosmery Rivera, a 29-year-old housewife, said she was basically in favor of same-sex marriage, “as long as they maintain their privacy.” She said she’d prefer not to have gay neighbors, though, because “it looks ugly,” especially “when there are children.” These fall under People to People Exchanges category of permitted travel to Cuba. There are 12 categories in all classifying what type of travel to Cuba on the part of Americans is legal. These are managed by the Treasury Department because they are the ones in charge of the trade sanctions still imposed on Cuba. People to people exchanges are the most common category used by tour operators to enable you to travel to Cuba.

World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.” In 2003 the National Assembly confirmed Castro as president for another five-year term. During that year the Cuban government arrested dozens of independent journalists and activists in a renewed government crackdown on dissidents, and some 75 activists were convicted for conspiring with the United States to subvert the revolution. The following year Castro strengthened his alliance with Venezuelan Pres. One of the most vibrant traditions is strong knit family and friendship ties, that plays a massive role in one who would wish to marry. It is common practice for the bride and groom to drive to the wedding venue in a convertible or walk to the site with crowds cheering them on as they walk past. Cuban traditions and culture have had significant influence from Latino America, and there are a lot of similarities with the United States.

If a child’s paternity had not been officially recognized, a mother of a natural or illegitimate child could not seek legal redress if that child’s father failed to fulfill his parental responsibilities and duties towards his children. My study contributes to this line of inquiry by describing social conflicts concerning sexually propriety, marriage, and birth status during the Second Cuban Republic ( ). Additionally, a few Assembly members linked outdated norms of sexual propriety with the perpetuation of social hierarchies based upon racial distinctions. Legislators who struggled for the institutionalization of racial equality and anti-discrimination protections within the constitution believed that doing away with formal assignation and recording of birth status was a parallel and necessary process. These legislators treated legitimacy of birth and racial category as analogous and equally unjust bases for social discrimination, neither of which should persist in a modern and republican Cuba. Cuba’s National Assembly responded to debates in the European Parliament surrounding human rights in Cuba by calling in a “politicized exercise” catered to U.S. interests, OnCuba News reports.

Other typical Cuban forms are the habanera, the guaracha, the danzón, the rumba, the bolero, the chachachá, the mambo, the cha-cha-cha, the punto, and many variations on these themes. Cuban music has been immensely popular and influential in other countries. It was the original basis of salsa and contributed not only to the development of jazz, but also to Argentinian tango, Ghanaian high-life, West African Afrobeat, and Spanish nuevo flamenco. Within modern Cuba, there are also popular musicians working in the rock and reggaeton idioms.

“Sexual diversity was considered to be anathema to the revolutionary ideology in the 1950s and 1960s,” said Emily Kirk, a specialist in sexual diversity in Cuba, based at Dalhousie University, Canada. The other view is that although voter turnout of 84.5% sounds high here, turnouts less than 90% are not common in Cuba, and a 9% no vote represents a substantial part of the Cuban people who are not part of the social consensus on the issue of egalitarian marriage. This shows that homophobia is still present in the culture, and there is more work to do. Includes a series of proposals which could dramatically reshape Cuban society. These include amendments extending property rights to citizens, setting term limits for presidents, and deemphasizing the centrality of Communism in the federal government.

Javier had built his own house in Cuba over the course of many long years, bartering for materials when they showed up—a can of paint for a pig he’d raised, perhaps—and making do with whatever he could find when they didn’t. I was 40 and ready to have a baby—something that wasn’t happening for various reasons back in France.

Analysis on the role of women in foreign policy and economic development from the Women and Foreign Policy program.Bimonthly. Panelists discuss China as it prepares for the 2022 Olympic games, including the diplomatic boycott of the games over human rights by several countries, China’s strict handling of dissent and COVID-19 cases, and the effect of the pandemic on China’s economic power. Evangelical churches, however, campaigned openly and rampantly against it. The new Code will also have to address legal ramifications of family violence and entrench the rights of the elderly and the disabled within the context of the family. More mundane elements will also likely be addressed, for example, determining the order of children’s surnames within the family. Currently, there are two panels investigating the health incidents following increased pressure from U.S. One, led by the CIA, is investigating the cause, while the other is focused on discovering technology that could block or detect incidents.

With inefficient industries and a stagnant agriculture, Cuba became increasingly dependent on favourable Soviet trade policies to maintain its modest standard of living in the face of the United States’ continuing trade embargo. Many religious persons, including priests, participated in the Revolution and supported its ideals, but when it was discovered in 1961 that churches were being used as bases of counterrevolutionary plotting, all foreign priests were invited to leave the island. This hostility was cemented by the declaration of atheism in the first socialist constitution in 1976. Practicing religious leaders and the faithful were thereafter excluded from some professions and promotion to high governmental offices. However, Castro was impressed by the Liberation Theology of Latin America, which sided with the poor in their struggles against oppressive governments and neoliberal capitalism. The leading role of Christian religious leaders in the socialist Nicaraguan revolution was particularly noted by Castro, whose attitude toward religion softened considerably as a result.